10 Perfect Ways To End A Blog Post

End Blog Post

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Good blogging is like copywriting. You have to incorporate strategies and tactics that will cause people to know, like and trust you, which will then result in them buying from you. So, how do you end your posts?

1. Summarize Your Post In a Few Words

This is a very well known, proven and well-respected way to conclude any type of writing. It’s the final part of a three step strategy that looks like this:

In the intro to your post, you tell your readers what you’re going to tell them, and lastly, in the conclusion, you tell them what you told them. So, to end your posts, just sum everything you talked about up in a few words, and you’ll be good.

2. Ask Your Readers to Act Now

Your readers will not do anything unless you ask them directly to do it. You can’t be shy about it. Just go ahead and flat out let them know what they need to do. It can be posting a comment, signing up for something or buying a product from you.

Whatever it is, just ask them for it in the last one or two lines and your conversion rates will skyrocket.

3. Encourage People to Share Your Post

If you know you provided some good quality information and you realize that many people would benefit from it, go ahead and ask your readers to share with their friends.

This can be done either through social networking buttons you have under your post or just by pasting the link to the post into an email and sending it off.

4. Refer Them to Other Blog Post

Before you say goodbye to your readers, go ahead and recommend something else they could read on your blog.

Obviously, it’s best if the posts you refer them to are related to what you just talked about so that they don’t get distracted.

5. Give Your Visitors a Hint of Upcoming Posts

Nothing works better when trying to get people curious about what’s coming than a little teaser. If you have your content planned out well and you know what you’re going to be writing about the next time you sit down at your keyboard, go ahead and present some benefits of that future post in your conclusion.

This will keep your readers at the edge of their seats and when you actually publish the content you teased about, they’ll be very excited to come and read the content. Also, note these things before publishing your new blog post.

6. Ask a Good Question

Nothing is more depressing than a dead blog where no one posts any comments under posts. If you’d like to encourage your readers to talk to you, or even to each other, ask them a question that’s closely related to what they just read.

This will encourage them to share feelings, opinions, and ideas and that’s exactly what you want.

7. Promote Your Product or Service

If you want people to buy from you, no matter what you have, you need to tell them that it’s available. That’s why it’s a great idea to promote an offer of yours at the end of your posts. Again, the key here is relevance.

You need to make sure that what you have to offer is closely related to your market and answers their questions well.

8. Get Them to Sign Up to a Newsletter

Your list is what will make you money. The bigger and more responsive it is, the more money you’re going to make, so, when you finished writing to your readers about something, go ahead and drop a signup form for your newsletter, including a short and snappy call to action telling them why they should sign up.

9. Give Your Readers a Challenge

When you challenge people, you help them to become better. You cause them to take action on what you told them and improve their lives.

Don’t be afraid to challenge your viewers in your writing. When you do that, they’ll do what you tell them to do and love you for causing them to succeed.

10. Follow Up With Them

Without a good follow up every now and again, asking people to do anything will not work. Why?

Because people forget, get lazy, lose focus, lose vision or get distracted, and if you don’t follow-up with them, they’ll forget what they’re supposed to do quicker than you think.

Now you know exactly how to end your blog posts to get the best results. What I’d do if I were you test each one of them and see which one works best for your market. This way you’ll be able to quickly find the winner.


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