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To keep yourself healthy it is not enough to keep to a substantial diet, have enough sleep, an exercise in moderation and visit your physician regularly.
"Edmark Healthy Living" brand offers a wide range of products for your healthy lifestyle that has already become an everyday staple in the life of a lot of health-conscious people all over the world.

EDMARK: New-Age Products For Healthy Living!

About The Company

Edmark Industries SDN BHD is an unrivaled manufacturer of health and wellbeing products located in Selangor, Malaysia. The company's plant has been functioning for more than 20 years and its aim is to enhance people's life quality.
Founded in 1989, Edmark turned out to be a ground-breaking company in the global market since it incorporated all activity directions – research and manufacturing, marketing and distribution under one company umbrella. Edmark is a renowned producer of world-class food supplements as well as revolutionary home and consumer products.
Edmark International now has online shops in several countries: Nigeria, South Africa & Philippines. Therefore, you can place your order to purchase Edmark products on Jiji without leaving your home!.

Edmark product assortment:

The goods offered by the world-known brand can be divided into three main, groups:

  • Health products for a better life (food supplements and drinks).
  • Health products for cooking.
  • Innovative products for your home.

Such products as Shake Off Phyto Fiber, Splina Chlorophyll Soap, Café Ginseng coffee, Red Bubble Tea, Bio-Elixir, Collagen, Spiro Cereal and many others have earned the trust of thousands of buyers throughout the world. Besides that, the company offers specialized health programs based on using specific combinations of the company’s products. For instance, let's take a closer look at the program called Edmark's 4 steps to healthy living.

This program comprises 4 brand products:

  • Shake Off Phyto Fiber that is rich in vitamin C and contains calcium for the strength of your bones. This shake is made of real oranges, naturally colored and features a harmless sweetener which makes it safe for everybody. This shake will refresh, tone and energize your body!
  • Ginseng, Red Yeast Coffee & Collagen features the best combination of ingredients to boost up your body and its immune system, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol level. It also deeply nourishes your skin and has an anti-age effect.
  • Splina & Bubble C is an outstanding nutrient source, enhancing your blood functions, activating your immune system and increasing oxygen concentration in the blood. It also does wonders for your skin – it makes it smoother and younger!
  • MRT Complex & Bio-Elixir – is the optimal solution to become slimmer naturally.

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