How To Download TreeHouse Courses For Free

TreeHouse Courses For Free

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A lot of people are trying to get into coding but can’t find a suitable platform or start on a shitty site so I thought I should make a tutorial on how to download TreeHouse courses for free plus make premium accounts on TreeHouse for one week for free!.


How To Get TreeHouse Courses For Free


  • Make a new Yahoo/Gmail account (I don’t think this part needs any explication).
  • Go on to this site and create a wallet (Use the new email that you’ve created in step 1).

TreeHouse Courses For Free

  • Go on to TreeHouse website and complete the information on the 7-day free trial (On the email part you should use the email that we created in step 1).

TreeHouse Courses For Free

  • Now you are in the payment phase.
  • Chose the Bitcoin option and click on the Join TreeHouse.

TreeHouse Courses For Free

  • Now, you are asked to introduce your Coinbase account (Use the account created in step 2).
  • If you followed the tutorial you should be on this screen.

TreeHouse Courses For Free

  • Click on the button “AUTHORIZE” button and you should be taken to this:

TreeHouse Courses For Free

  • From here you can just complete however you want and enjoy the courses.

You can repeat as much as you want. This is the third time I’ve used the same email/wallet and this has been working pretty nice. I hope this has been useful and that I’ve helped you.

Don’t forget to click on that share buttons below if you love this tutorial. In case you have any questions feel free to drop your comment below and I will try to help as soon as possible. Thanks and have a great day.


  1. Is it a necessity to create a new email & coinbase account to do this? or can I use my email and coinbase account that I’ve been using as well?

  2. Hi,
    Thanks but it does not work anymore and teamtreehouse does not accept Wallet anymore, Is there any other way?


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