Top 10 Best FREE Unlimited VPN For iPhone 2017


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Virtual Private Network (VPN), are helpful to us in our day to day activities online, VPN helps in keeping your identity protected online, helps in unblocking regional restrictions or websites. You must have looked for the best app to protect your privacy online when browsing on your iPhone, well with good research we were able to get the best for you.


Top 10 Best FREE Unlimited VPN For iPhone 2017


  • TUNNEL BEAR: This app allows you browse the net securely from different locations. The app lets its users select locations they want or they can let the app decide on the best locations to VPN from. Tunnel bear offers 500mb data per month, the app supports different countries.


  • VPN BY SUREEASY: Using the default of the app, allows it chooses the best server location to route your traffic through. The data limit is 250mb. You can add more data limit by earning a reward, which is by completing small tasks which do not take time.


  • BETTERNET: This is the easiest to use VPN app on the app store, you have the high-quality support for any problems you might be facing. However, you can only choose from eight (8) cities in the US on the free version mode, to have access to other countries, you have to become a premium member.


  • HOTSPOT SHIELD: To use this app, you have to sign up for it, you can also skip this part. Using default, the app connects you to a US location. To get access to other countries, you have to be a premium user.


  • OPERA VPN: This app is free to use, once it is installed and VPN profile is ready you can start browsing the net safely. The app does not have lots of location to use from, but with the little you have, you are good to go. The Opera VPN has two tabs, which are the settings and stats, you can block trackers, enable/disable VPNs.


  • VPN IN TOUCH: This app is a good one, registration is compulsory, you can choose from different locations to enable data savings and others.


  • VPN PROXY BY SEED4: This app has a straight to the point interface, everything is made easy there for you to see. Creating a profile for the VPN profile is done through a website which you will have to open in the Safari browser.


  • KEEP SOLID VPN UNLIMITED: Registration is done before you can use this app, you can connect with your FACEBOOK ID, GOOGLE ID. This app works fine and can do an in-app purchase, so you can be added to benefits of paid membership.


  • VPN MASTER FREE: This app has only seven (7) locations, which is available in the free mode, you can unlock the VIP to have access to other locations which costs a little. The app connects its users to the location it deems best for stability and higher speed.

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  • FREE VPN HEXA TECH: No registration required, VPN server is fast, the free version is ad supported and it does not allow you to change location.

I hope with this great choice on best free VPN for iPhone 2017, you can protect your data, stay safe and secure online.



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