Hello, Symbian users, these are the time to flex with others, you are not left out of this rolling MTN simple server tweak, these tweak have been blocked before, but it was revived back to life. if you are interested in it just follow the instructions below::
       Simple Server Cheat For Symbian Phone

      MTN Simple Server Cheat For Symbian Phone Users

      First of all Subscribe for the MTN BB plan by dialing the following codes depending on your choice.
      For Daily {#70} ===> send "BBLITED" to 21600
      For Weekly {#350} ===> send "BBLITEW" to 21600
      For Monthly {#1000} ===> send "BBLITEM" to 21600
      Download the Simple Server App for Symbian Here, but before Downloading, Install this App called golden python Here.
      Go to configuration settings of your phone, then create new access point
      with The following Details:-
      Port:- 8080
      Now open the simple server app you downloaded from the link provided above and set the following settings:-


      Access Point: - Default
      Local Host:-
      Local Port:- 8080

      Click On HTTP Query:-

      Front query:- None
      Middle Query:- None
      Back Query: - None
      Reverse Query: - None
      Inject Query:-
      Inject Method: - GET
      Inject Newline:- r/n
      Inject SplitLINE:- Newline *4

      Click on HTTP Header:-

      Add/del/rep Header 1 :- HOST
      Add/del/rep Header value 1 :-
      Add/del/rep header 2 :-
      Add/del/rep Header value 2 :- None
      Add/del/rep Header 3 :- None
      Add/del/rep Header value 3 :- None
      Add/del/rep Header 4 :- None
      Add/del/rep Header value 4 :- None

      Click On server Config:-

      Fetch Server: - None
      Keep Server: - None
      Url Replacer:- None
      Advanced Mode: -Yes
      Tunnel Proxy:- Yes
      HTTPS Connection:- Yes
      Server Buffer:- 8092
      Screen size:- Normal

      Proxy Host:-
      Proxy Port:- 8080

      Then save and Exit the app, then open back and minimize. Move to any of your browser: default browser, UC web or opera mini.
      Note: - Do not use the modified browser or browsers with handler menu. For instance, only make use of the normal opera mini downloaded from
      If it works for you, good luck, check back on us regularly, for latest tweak, and don't forget to LIKE/SHARE this post for the benefits of others, and also remember to COMMENT on your own experience.