Hey everyone and welcome to my today's post Nowadays most BlackBerry device are supplied in a 'locked' condition, restricting your ability to use SIM cards from other carriers on it but with this short ut resourceful tutorial you will be able to unlock your blackberry device free of charge and use it with any compatible GSM network anywhere around the world.

      This method of unlocking your blackberry is a lot easier and faster than the previous method of using USB cable. You only need your IMEI number of your Blackberry device which you can get by dialing *#06# on your phone {15 digits} and Your device PRD which you can get by:

      1. Turning off your BlackBerry device.
      2. Remove the battery.
      3. Look for PRD-XXXXX-XXX number in the white label on the back.

      To Get Your MEP Number:
      • Visit through this link to get your MEP number using your PRD number.
      • Select your phone's PRD number from the drop-down list to display the correct MEP number.
      • Ensure the PRD number matches exactly and your phone MEP number will display directly under the drop down list box.
      • Now that you have your MEP number and your IMEI number, it is time to generate unlock code for your blackberry device.
      To Get Unlock Code:
      • Visit Swens Code Generator website here.
      • Enter your 15 digit IMEI number without period and select your MEP number from MEP drop-down list [the MEP number you first generated using your PRD number].
      • Click on the Get Free MEP Codes and your unlock code will be displayed along side all other codes like {MEP1(SIM), MEP2(Network Active), MEP3(Network Subset), MEP4(Service Provider), MEP5(Corporate)}.
      The MEP2 code displayed in red colour under your IMEI number and MEP number is the unlock code for your blackberry device.
      Hurray!!!, You have now gotten your unlock code, You can now insert any SIM  after unlocking with the unlocking code.

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