Hello Pimpz! I downloaded a cabinet file whose format is ZIP from the web. Just as I was trying to extract and open the ZIP file, it asked for a password. I then looked for the extracting password from the website where I downloaded the ZIP file but i couldn't find it. That was what made me to do an intense research and luckily! I came out with a successful story.
      Now I present to you a Powerful and Certainly Effective software called iSumsoft ZIP Password Refixer. ZIP Password Refixer is specialized ZIP password recovery software, which can help crack the ZIP file's unknown password, or recover ZIP file password when you forgot or lost it. It is such a program that makes it possible and easy to unlock encrypted ZIP files without the password. Most importantly there are no virus and no data will be lost while cracking or recovering password for encrypted ZIP files.
      Note: Use this program to crack ZIP file password fast only, Not RAR files!.

      Step-By-Step Procedures:
      • Add the Encrypted ZIP file.
      • Click Open button on its tool bar.
      • Navigate to the path to your password encrypted ZIP file. Select it and click Open button to add it into the program.
      • Select password attack type, An appropriate attack type will make this program crack ZIP file password more effectively. 
      • Click the drop-down button and select one attack type from the 4 types. {Brutal-force is Recommended}.
      • After selecting Attack type, click on the Start button.
      • Then this program will instantly start to crack ZIP file password with the attack type you selected.
      • The ZIP file password should be cracked successfully and displayed in the dialog. 
      • Just need to click the Copy button and then paste the password to unlock your encrypted ZIP file and then extract the files in it.
      • That's all Pimpz!!!. We have successfully unlocked the locked ZIP files.

      Note: I repeat this is not for RAR files!, use only for ZIP files..
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