MTN 0.0kobo is an unlimited,  new and free browsing that is still active and blazing, a lot of members of this blog are already enjoying  it via Psiphon, Simple Server, Pronet. But I noticed some people are complaining they prefer Netify VPN Settings, So i decide to write this post to show you how to configure the MTN 0.0kobo free browsing on the New Netify VPN.
      Things To Do Before Setting Up Your Netfy VPN App For MTN 0.00 Trick
      » Force stop your Psiphon, Simple Server, SyponShield or any other VPN app you are using on your phone and clear the app cache or better still, clear the app data.
      » Now turn OFF and ON your data.

      Netify VPN Settings:
      » Download Netify Apk here.

      » Launch the Netify VPN application and use the below settings.
      » Tick Remove Port
      » Proxy Type: Dual Real Host
      » Proxy Server: or
      » Real proxy type: Inject
      » Real Proxy Port: 8080
      » Click on save
      » Accept Whole Device Tunneling
      » Click the Ninja Icon to go to more options menu and tick connect through an HTTP
      » Host Address:
      » Port: 8080

      Configure your phone's APN as follows
      » APN Name: Mokoshalb Global Pimpz
      » APN:
      » Proxy: empty
      » Port: empty

      go back to the Netify main menu and hit the connect button

      Enjoy this unlimited browsing while it lasts. If you have any question regarding this, kindly use the comment box and it will be attended to.