Hello, my lovely viewers, especially those who always stay updated to my blog anytime anywhere. but this time, I think it will favour gurus in IMEI tweaking as the former 2go 3gb is now rocking well with my new config settings! That sounds good isn't it, Now lets rock it!. This MB was meant for 2go App only. So to make it work on all your apps on Android and PC, we need some settings to override this barrier.

      Now to today's business! I wouldn't be saying much. Since most of you all must have known How to Tweak/Change Android IMEI.


      Step 1:- Tweak this IMEI 864981012841279 (Remember to change the last 4-5 digits).
      Step 2:- After tweaking, Text LYTE to 131 to get your 3gb. Click here to tweak a valid IMEI.

      Step 3:- Download NetLoop Apk from Playstore.
      Step 4:- Download the config file from here.
      Step 5:- Open NetLoop Apk.
      Step 6:- Click on settings and click load config file.
      Step 6:- Then search for the config file you downloaded in your SD Card
      Step 7:- Connect the app and browse seamlessly

      That's All, If you still don't get it you can drop a COMMENT for us and you can also Like & Share these posts to your various Social Media by clicking on the share buttons below. Enjoy!!!.