The truth remains that your choice of Android phone is dependent on the depth of your purse. There will always be low ends and high ends android smartphones but what you choose depends on the price you can afford. Android as a mobile OS is taking the lead, overtaking the almighty Blackberry and iPhone.
      Many people are interested in buying android phones but are confused on which brands and models to buy because new models of Tecno, Gionee, Infinix, Innjoo and HTC phones are launched on a frequent basis.
      This is one major reason why I have decided to come up with this extensive guide on what you should look out for while trying to buy an android phone.

      • Price: How much can you afford to buy this phone? Are you looking at buying phones just above 10k-20k, 20k-30k, 30k-40k, 40k-above? In the world of Android, there would always be good phones whose specs would meet your budget.When you are done choosing your budget friendly price, you can go ahead to the next tip!.
      • Brand: Some brands of android phones have been tested and trusted over time. Always go for brands of android smartphones with OS versions that have easy access to new updates like Lollipop and Android-M. Though there are many phones in the market right now, so many strange names that can't be vouched for, always stick to brands that have been recommended for durability.
      • Battery Capacity: The strength of a battery cannot be negotiated when it comes to having a good experience with the phone. If that android phone you are checking to buy has anything less than 2500mAh capacity, just drop it. If you do otherwise, you will get to know my reasons later in the future.
      • RAM Features: For an average user, a RAM capacity of 1GB and 8GB of internal memory (with external memory slot) is considered satisfactory, any lesser is a flop.
      • Screen Size: If you are planning to get an android smart-phone with respect to screen size, I will suggest you to go for the minimum of 4.5 inches. Anything lesser will attracts momentrial difficulties such as Error when typing on keyboard, Small Game play Icons and so on which might ofcourse generate physical problems with the phone.
      • Camera Quality: Though the camera quality of a phone is dependent on the phone model, Such that the 5MP of Android Phone X is better than the 8MP of Android Phone Y. So the quantity of the MP should not be used to determine the quality of some android phone cameras. So when you decides to buy an android phone, remember to do more research about Camera quality not the pixels.
      • Availability of Accessories: Have you ever wondered that if you lost or damaged one of the follow-come accessories of your android, how will it be replaced. For example, the accessories of Innjoo Phones is next to not available, So if any part such as the Screen, Touch-Pad, Ear-Piece, Battery, Pouch, Charger e.t.c... get lost, It won't be replaceable, So I will strongly advice you to go for phones with maximum and full support for accessories provision anytime, anywhere...

      What other things do you think should be considered before picking an android phone to buy? Share it. Are you still confused on which phone to buy? Drop a comment below so we help you with the best!... Feel free to criticise the lists if we miss anything. Enjoy!!!...