Blogging is booming among people of all ages because of its lucrative benefits both personally and financially. Thousands of blogs are being launched every day and thus competition is on fire.
      In such situation, many newbies are scared to start a blog due to a fear in mind that what he is going to do, is being done by millions of bloggers simultaneously. The blogging competition is not limited to your geographic region rather it's global.
      8 Tested Tips to be a Better Blogger

      But there is always a way out! You must not be just a blogger but you must be a better blogger in order to cope up with this fierce competition.
      Being a better blogger is not a rocket science rather it just needs hard work, consistency, patience and smart work. You need to enjoy your work that's what required for being a better blogger.
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      Here I am listing 8 steps you should take to become a better blogger:

      • Analysing, Planning and Execution

      Analysis and planning is very essential in order to stand out as a blogger. For someone who is just starting out as a blogger, you should analyze how the niche (field) you are working on works. You also have to see the top sites you are going to have as your competition and the effort it requires to get to the top. It is then only that you can execute your blogging goals and take it to the next level.

      If you already have a good experience in blogging but want to take it to the next level you need to study your direct competitors. Using a tool like SEMrush could help you to do better competitor analysis.
      After that you have to create a strategy to beat them in rankings so that you could get more authority.

      This step requires more planning and strategizing. Here is an excellent example of blogging with strategy.
      The next step would be executing your strategies. You could stick to one goal at a time or continuously strive to get all your plans executed. Either way,don’t give up in the middle.

      • Focus on Unique Content Development

      Content is the soul of blogs. Thus you have to focus more on content development to keep your blog alive. You must have a strategy not just to write anything and everything but also to write content that is problem solving.
      Here at Mokoshalb Global Pimpz, Tested Tips to be a Better Blogger, I have specially taken care that my posts be problem solving and in-depth. That is what has made my blog a favorite of my readers.
      Therefore, keep your readers in mind and create the kind of content which would be helpful to them as well as it is search engine friendly.

      There's nothing in the competition, you don't need to write your content just because someone else is doing it in one hour. I personally believe content creation should be your aim. If you have 10 hours to work on a piece of content give writing a meaty 6-7 hours. This is because becoming a better blogger isn't about a short run. It's a time proof thing and you would want your content to speak for you even after 5 years of its creation.

      Take your own sweet time and create a blog post that is engaging and insightful because in the long run an epic piece of content will itself demand love from search engines, backlinks from other sites and shares from satisfied readers. So focus on this long term benefit.

      • Never Underestimate Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

      Many bloggers, due to lack of knowledge, miss to work on SEO and SMO of the blog and they think writing articles is well enough but that’s not true. Writing great content is indeed the most important task but what if there is no one to read that? It is said, you should promote your each piece of content like it is your last piece. Take every effort to market your content.

      Marketing is required to expose your content in front of thousands of people online. To get organic traffic (Traffic from search engines) you need to implement the best SEO strategies and to get social media traffic you need to be active on social sites, bookmark your posts on social bookmarking sites. You should also network with fellow bloggers and other readers, sharing their blog posts to promoting them.

      Social media also helps you brand your blog which is helpful for long term thus you need to take care of both SEO and SMO of your blog. The bloggers, who do care of these strategies, are surely the better bloggers.
      No one is expected to master SEO over a week or in a month. People take months and even years to learn this. But, what matters is that people start. So, start by learning small parts of SEO in the beginning and you would definitely master the art with time. For example, start with writing better title tags for your posts.

      • Build a Team in your Niche

      A better blogger always builds a team because you actually get more things accomplished when you work as a team. Team work will make you even more productive and inspire you to work even when you are feeling low. This is just an example, there can be even more things where team work is needed. Also, if you work in a team, you will never run out of ideas rather you get creative ideas from different team members.

      Team work doesn't always have to be dealing with money or having freelancers to do your work. You could team up strategically to help each other out. Like you promote a friend in social media and he will also give you a shout up when your post is published.

      In another example, you could come up with a post when a fellow blogger is ill and he can guest post at your blog when you are busy in something else. This is excellent team work.

      • Fix a schedule for publishing articles on your blog

      Most of the bloggers don't follow a specific schedule for publishing articles on the blog. They publish whenever they feel like posting but to be a better blogger, you must follow a schedule for the same.
      It doesn't matter how many articles you publish in a week but the matter is when to publish. If you think you can publish 3 articles in a week then just do that and don't run towards the quantity.
      You can make a schedule like 1 post on Monday, 2nd post on Wednesday and 3rd post on Friday. And utilize the rest of time promoting your content over social media sites and everywhere you want to.

      When you follow a proper schedule, your readers eagerly wait for your next article and also they find enough time to read those 3 articles but when you keep on publishing more than 10-12 articles a week, they might miss many of them.

      Honestly speaking, this is a grey area for me. I am suggesting you something that I am myself finding hard to practice. But, I am trying hard to maintain consistency and discipline and will master this art in some time. So, I would also want you to develop this golden habit of bloggers.

      • Respond to the Comments and Queries of your Readers Frequently

      When you have blog posts published on the blog, many readers come and read them and then they either leave positive/negative comments or ask some queries.

      Whatever is there, you should always respond to them, if there is some positive reply, you can thank them and keep on the discussion. If there is something negative, then tackle it in better way without getting furious because you write for people and they can give good or bad judgments as per their thought. You need to handle it wisely. If there is any query then you should reply to that also.

      This indeed makes you a better blogger because a better blogger is a responsible person. And if you are taking care of readers'  thoughts, comments and queries then you are a responsible blogger. Moreover a regular interaction will help you increase your engagement rate and boost your readership.

      • Tap into Forums and Groups

      Forums and groups related to your niche are great places to enhance your knowledge and to know what is really working in your industry. Take a mark at the keywords used and the people's questions over the forums to see what problems your readers are facing in the real world.
      You could take this experience to write blog posts and they will be well received by your audience.

      • Revive Old Blog Posts

      When you start blogging, you write so many articles and years later when you go back to read your older articles, you can easily notice your flaws and incompleteness in them.
      Therefore, it is required to edit those older blog posts and write them in even a better way along with adding some new facts and examples. You can add few more self-explanatory images to make the posts even more readable and better resources.

      A better blogger always does this because he knows that if there is some incompleteness or missing things in the earlier blog posts, then he needs to either fill or correct them.
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      Becoming a better blogger is not an easy task but it's not a rocket science as well. So with your strong determination, consistency and hard work you can make things possible and gradually turn yourself into a better blogger whom everyone wants check out.
      Try these tips and I am sure you will be on the right path to becoming a better blogger.