Hello Pimpz! Most of you know that I write how-to articles mostly here on Mokoshalb Global Pimpz and I've been writing these articles in order to increase the productivity of your computer and smartphones. But a few days ago while surfing the web with random keywords like smartphones and smartphone effects, I stumbled upon some images showing the smartphone addiction.

      After seeing a few, I realized that this is actually true. I myself stand a witness to this obsession. But on a serious note, this craving and obsession with our gadgets, smartphones especially is growing too much. There is a real world to live in and enjoy, not just selfies and Candy Crush.
      Here are the images which show our addition to smartphones, take a look:

      If you agree with this and your friends and family members are having this type of obsession, share this article to show them how smartphone addiction is ruining their lives.