As the days rolls-over, more and more development are made on every part of life to make it better than the past, the same scenario occurs to our Technological Affairs, particularly Gaming.
      Gaming Experience is growing rapidly to the extent we do not need to get a gaming console before we get to play a new game or get a bunch of "Cartridges" before we play various games such as Mortal Combat, Car Racing, Mario and so on. Which we dwell in, in the past.
      How Android Devices Are Changing Gaming Experiences

      About the recent development, Android development is driving gaming progress with a rich development. It is realized without further analysis that Android-based OS device controls more cell phones gaming worldwide than any other OS as a huge amount of users solely depends on it functions.

      This makes Android OS more versatile for a gaming experience, and the division is just getting greater. An analytic number of buyers watching for new Android-based gaming has prompted a higher demand for more Android Developers in the development industries.

      Limited Life Span to Gaming Experience

      This is a big issue when it comes to gaming experiences, unlike the past decades when we play Mario 24/7 for almost a decade and it still sustains it usefulness. But unlike the past years, the recent development have prompted the action and reaction of developers against each new development, whenever a brand releases an attention catching-game, its counterpart also fight back, which causes a very limited life span of some games.
      A case study is Pokemon Go, a newly created online game, which has shaded other games from other brands like Candy Crush and many more online games such as online roulette games, now more android users are attracted to the new development and most of them ditch the past games, and most will actually lose interest and dump later.
      How Android Devices Are Changing Gaming Experiences

      Statistics of Mobile Development

      Industry examiners assess the worldwide gaming market at almost $100 billion this year (Source: Newzoo ), with android gaming representing around 37% of that aggregate, as indicated by Newzoo. Anybody having basic knowledge of math can see the world's android gaming development sector are to reach about $37 billion this year, this shows clearly that the Android world is gaining ground and attention higher than PC-based games, Consoles, and others heavy hardware gaming portal.


      Since Android has been by far the most targeted OS by game developers, it tends to reduce the use of other gaming consoles. As such most app developing industries introduce their apps to Android phone brand to include their apps and games as part of their bloatware (Pre-installed Applications and Games). So as to gain more usage from the final users. If you found this article interesting, take a few seconds to Share it to your various Social Medias, so others can get the experience. Stay Safe!.