This is a very easy way to earn money online, you will earn a little at first but as time goes on. With this method, there are two ways to get paid, PayPal or BitCoin, am sure you must have one of those, if not yo can create a PayPal account or alternatively a BitCoin address. Now let's get started!.

      Step 1:
      Sign up Here:- AdFocus
      Sign up Here:- Hitleap Traffic Exchange - Get Free Website Traffic
      Make sure you signup on the above websites!
      After you are done signing up, we can continue...

      Step 2:
      Now if you have a blog, copy the URL of your blog, if you don't have a blog, then copy Now go to AdFocus where you registered before, and shrink the URL.

      Step 3:
      Now, go back to Hitleap Traffic Exchange - Get Free Website Traffic where you have also regsitered before, you have maximum of 3 spaces to add link in Hitleap, so you have to shrink 3 URLs and add it to it.

      Step 4:
      Here you will need a PC, download Hitleap Viewer here to earn lot of minutes, the more minutes you get the more traffic to your link and the money you earn
      N.B: Minutes is a term used for point in Hitleap, so don't get confused!

      Just keep this running for a whole week 24/7 and I'm sure you will get insane amounts of money with you can convert into Paypal or Bitcoin to cash out.
      You can checkout my earning proof!
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      Thanks for reading my guide on how to make some easy money!