If you have been on Facebook, you must have seen those pleading posts featuring pictures of a sick child or an animal. Such posts often request you to either "LIKE" or type "AMEN" there, so that you become a part of something good happening around the society.

      You might have seen some posts that go viral and has a message tagline- "I know you won't "LIKE" this photo because I'm sick" or "Type "AMEN" to heal me." Do you really think, hitting a Like can save someone's life or typing "AMEN" will cure their illness? And, if you do so with a good intent, you're likely to do something very strange.
      See What Happens When You Type "Amen", "RIP" On A Facebook Post

      You think you have shown your support to someone by doing so, but it's not like that! In fact, you have helped some Facebook spammers who are actually doing this to make money out of it. They design such posts to trick and exploit people by liking, sharing or commenting, which in turn lead to provide them with an awful group of followers to that post. And, then creators spread some malicious messages, viruses, and scams which may also harm you.
      When you like or share such malicious posts, the scammers then able to track all your personal information like where you live, your DOB, and even they can hack your email account.

      So, next time whenever you feel bad for someone and like to share their post on your Facebook wall, just keep in mind that any of your "LIKE" or "AMEN" will not going to save lives. 

      However, by doing so, you may become a part of doing some real harm to you or someone else. So, be alert and don't make such type of heartless spammers fill their pockets.