Ever wanted to convert a blog page into PDF to read later or store important information..? Here is the trick to do just that!

      1. Head over to
      2. Click on the "Start Now!" button.
      3. Enter the URL of the blog and select either "Wordpress" or "Blogger".
      4. Select how many posts you want to fetch OR you can select by date (start date/stop date).
      5. Select "Get the Posts!" button. Then, uncheck any posts you wish to not include. Click the "Continue" button.
      6. Customize it as you like. E.g. Publish or do not publish images, post dates, etc.
      7. Click the "Create my book!" button.
      8. Finally, click the "Download e-book!" button.
      You are done! I hope this little tutorial helps you convert blog web pages into PDF format. Enjoy!.