5 Tips to Avoid Mistakes in Your Website Design Process


Many people design the website for their business to save their money. Awkwardly, they don’t know the concepts of a good website design. To design a good website is an art and science. Art is its design and color combination and science is its user interface. No matter if your business is new or the old one. But a creative website design definitely attracts the target audience. In the absence of a website, nobody knows you and your trade online. To design a website, you need a reliable website designing company or an individual that will create a good website for your company.

To design a good website, a designer needs to avoid several mistakes at any cost. In this article, we are going to mention the mistakes as well as the tips to avoid them. A designer needs to know about these common mistakes to avoid design inconsistencies.


1. Clutter: Most people put too many videos, content, images and design elements on the homepage. It looks very messy, which makes the site busy as well as difficult to use. It confuses the user and looks untidy. As a result, a user is not able to make any wise decision as it fails to conclude what the site is about?In order to avoid

In order to avoid clutter, the home page should be very clear and give a quick information to the users. Keep the important things on the home page and add additional pages for detailed information. It will save the time of the target audience.

2. Compatibility with Browsers and Mobile Devices: If you tested the website on a single browser, you cannot declare it a good website, until you test it on all browsers and mobile devices. This mistake may harm the reputation of a website design company.

Test the Website properly and consistently on different browsers, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Make sure the website works appropriately on all devices like smartphones and tablets.

3. Poor Navigation: Navigation is an important component, try to make it simple. Make sure that user should be able to navigate very easily without wasting a second. The top navigation or left-hand side navigation bar is the most popular way to direct the user.

A clear Navigation bar must be available on every page. A site map is also helpful for navigation. Through a map, users can see the overall view of the website at a glance.

4. Unorganized content and keyword stuffing: It is a myth that keyword stuffing will generate traffic to your website. Putting the name of your business in every single paragraph makes your content awkward to read.

A content writer possesses the expertise to write quality content without stuffing the keywords. Quality content will help you generate traffic to your website, hire one!.

5. Cheap Design Agency: In order to save money, sometimes people hire a cheap design company. This decision sometimes proves to be very harmful to your business. Choose the website designing company with an excellent track record. It is necessary to maintain the consistent User experience through the whole website design process.

No doubt, mistakes are common and resolving them is the proof of hard work. But in any case, we should not ignore them. To avoid making mistakes in Websites, the best practice is to hire a website designing company or a reputable individual with a good track record in this field.


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