How To Create Unlimited Amazon VPS For Free – 2017

Create Unlimited Amazon VPS

Many a time we require an additional PC to do some online stuff like registering multiple accounts, extending the trial period of a software and more and this where we need to Create Unlimited Amazon VPS. Most times we do need an extra PC to do those stuff, which is where a VPS comes in, it’s not logical to buy a new PC for every time you need an extra duty. The best option is to Create Unlimited Amazon VPS. So what is basically a VPS..?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system(Linux, Windows), and customers may have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.

The VPS is like a Computer embedded in another computer. So you can have 2 computers on 1. Now that you know the basic meaning, you can create your own VPS for free!.



  • A Virtual Credit Card loaded with just $1 (add me on skype: if you don’t have one).
  • A phone to receive a phone call (or any VoIP number).
  • Internet Connection.
  • Your PC.


Step-by-Step Procedure to Create Unlimited Amazon VPS:

Let’s get started because we are wasting time…

1. Go to and click “Create an AWS Account“.

2. Fill out everything, use an email address you own and click on ‘Continue”.

Create Unlimited Amazon VPS

3. Fill out everything, use (to be 100% safe) and click “Create Account and Continue“.

Create Unlimited Amazon VPS

4. Enter your virtual credit card (VCC) and click “Continue”.

Create Unlimited Amazon VPS

5. On the next page choose “I am not VAT registered…” and click on “Continue“.

6. Use a real phone or other internet services to receive the call and press the code you received on your phone, After that click “Continue“.

Create Unlimited Amazon VPS

7. Click “Basic (Free)” support plan and “Continue“. Now go to and press “Sign up” now use your email and password to log in. You will be taken to a page, click “AWS Management Console” on that page.

Create Unlimited Amazon VPS

8. If you are taken to another page just press “Sign in…” again and you will be taken to a page, Now press “EC2“.

Create Unlimited Amazon VPS

9. Press “Launch Instance” button.

10. Scroll down till you find this, make sure to only use “Free tier eligible” and click “Select”.

Create Unlimited Amazon VPS

11. Tap “Review and Launch“.

Create Unlimited Amazon VPS

12. Click on “Launch“. Now”Create a new key pair” Key pair name: Whatever you want to name it and click “Download Key Pair”. Then after that “Launch Instances”.

Create Unlimited Amazon VPS

13. Now you have a .PEM file and you have created an instance. Click on “Services” and then click on “EC2“. Then Click on “Running Instances” You will only have 1 Now you will see your VPS, it takes about 30 minutes to setup.

Create Unlimited Amazon VPS

14. Click “Connect” then a window will pop up.Click “Download Remote Desktop File” and a file will be downloaded. Now click “Get password“.

Create Unlimited Amazon VPS

15. At “Key Pair Path” upload the .PEM file you have downloaded. Then click on “Decrypt Password“.Create Unlimited Amazon VPS

16. Copy all the info to a safe place or screen shot it, will be needed later.

Create Unlimited Amazon VPS

Step 17: Now put the remote desktop file you downloaded on your desktop and open it to fill out the information you copied before.

Step 18: Now you successfully have a free VPS, the VPS can be used for a lot of things and you can also repeat this process continuously.

Note: Make sure to check if you don’t exceed the free usage tier because that will result in paying money. Make a new account if you exceed it. Enjoy!.

This procedure, however, gets you a very slow and sluggish VPS, to get a faster VPS will cost just $10 for a month, you can get yours’ here.


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