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Atomic Email Studio

Atomic Email Studio is created to meet all possible requirements for successful online marketing promotion. It offers one of the most advanced platforms for newsletter management. It will help you target the audience you are interested in and significantly increase the level of your campaign.

Due to the wide variety of features included, you can easily organize your email campaigns: create high-quality mailing lists, send newsletters to the interested audience with opt-in/opt-out options. Thus, you will get the comprehensive control over the whole process.

Besides, online services such as Atomic Email Tracker, Atomic Survey, List Manager and Verifier can be easily accessed with Atomic Email Studio. Getting and using statistics has never been as easy as it is now.


Key Features Of The Atomic Email Studio:

  1. A complete set of email marketing needs.
  2. All tools are always within easy reach.
  3. Free templates for email blasts are included.
  4. Easy access to online services.
  5. Attractive price for 10 top email marketing modules.
  6. Highly qualified support assistance with any questions that you might have.


What programs are included in Atomic Email Studio..?

  1. Atomic Mail Sender to send email newsletters.
  2. Atomic Email Hunter to collect email addresses from the Internet.
  3. Atomic Mail Verifier to verify email lists.
  4. Atomic List Manager to edit mailing lists.
  5. Atomic Subscription Manager to handle subscriptions automatically.
  6. Atomic Email Logger to gather contacts from local files.
  7. Atomic WHOIS Explorer to collect contacts from the global WHOIS database.
  8. Atomic Newsgroup Explorer to extract contacts from newsgroups.
  9. Atomic Web Spider to collect contacts from visited websites.


The way Atomic Email Studio can help your business:

  1. Searches for new email addresses within your target audience.
  2. Automatically maintains and segments customer bases.
  3. Creates corporate email templates and email newsletters.
  4. Monitors subscriber and buyer activity.
  5. Saves time and money


Download Atomic Email Studio Cracked:




    • Hello, Jame!

      It’s not 100% clean, but you are safe as it is false positive, for better safety, I recommend you install with Sandboxie software.

  1. Every other software works well and are registered ,my mass email sender still shows unregistered and my verified email still shows unregistered. Kindly help me out

  2. Please can anyone with the crack send it to me via email, the download link is no longer working.
    my email:


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