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Out of college? yet want to enjoy the numerous student perks available online? Or you just interested in joining a research site that demands an Edu email? Then you are just a step away from owning a unique valid EDU email that can be used for all student discount offers (except GitHub and AWS Educate, contact us for that). You can buy EDU mail account to get lots of student discounts and for general email purposes and special freebies. The EDU mail address will be in this format – (random_id)@(school_name).edu.

The provided Edu email account can be applied to a variety of student discounts. Note that this is NOT Maricopa or CaliforniaCollege or other public and common colleges which are overly saturated. The EDU mail works for all students special offers from various websites, some of which can be seen below.

Buy EDU Mail

Some special benefits of student EDU mail account. You get:

  1. FREE 6 Months of Amazon Prime Membership.
  2. You will get FREE Office 365 Package + 1TB on OneDrive.
  3. Dropbox gives extra space for the EDU mail address.
  4. Microsoft Azure For Student.
  5. Microsoft Imagine (formerly dreamspark).
  6. Adobe Creative Cloud gives you a significant discount.
  7. You also get UNLIMITED Google drive space for FREE.
  8. Jetbrains premium license key for 1 year.
  9. Discounted Voucher for CompTIA.
  10. Free RoboForm – World’s best Password Manager(Like 1Password and Lastpass).
  11. AutoDesk – Get all AutoDesk and AutoCAD software for FREE.
  12. LastPass – 6-months free LastPass Premium Password Manager.
  13. Bitbucket – Get free unlimited user source code hosting.
  14. Fetch Softworks (Mac Only) – Free Fetch software full-futures file transfer client for the Apple.
  15. The Washington Post – Free unlimited digital access with .edu e-mail address.
  16. Apple Music – Up to 50% off.
  17. iDrive – 50% Off Online Backup.
  18. Connectify – 75% Off services from $7
  19. UNiDAYS – a Free registration that verifies student status and allows participating retailers to generate a coupon code for the online discount.
  20. Student Beans – Free registration that verifies student status and allows participating retailers to generate a coupon code for the online discount
  21. Squarespace
  22. Mindsumo membership to earn money as a student.
  23. And so much more…

Features of this service:

  1. Instant Delivery.
  2. New and Valid EDU Email.
  3. 4-years validity period for the EDU Email.
  4. Password Reset Method.
  5. Lifelong Customer Support.
  6. Money-back/Replacement Guarantee.


  • Are these hacked student emails?

No! These are fresh (Newly) created and unique (not shared or hacked) EDU emails.

  • How long will the EDU mail last?

Our EDU emails last for 4 years before it gets revoked with fair usage.

  • How will I log into my mailbox?

You will be able to login into your mail through Gmail or Outlook depending on the variant of mail bought.

  • Do I need to change my IP address?

You can access this email just like any other email. No need to change your IP address or use a VPN.

  • What is the domain of these emails? Which college?

All these emails are from various US colleges unless stated so. These, however, do not include Maricopa, California Community College, and VCCS as these have been banned on most student discount sites.

  • What should I expect after purchase?

Your unique EDU email address, username, and password to log in with. How to change the password.

  • Do I get to choose a custom name?

Yea, after payment, you send the name you want the account to be created with, meanwhile, the mail format will be random_ID@xxxx.edu.

  • Can I get a custom mail format?

Yes, you can get a custom mail format of firstname_lastname@xxxx.edu but this requires an additional payment of $5 and takes 48 hours max to get ready.

  • Do you give any warranty?

Yeah, we give a 30-day replacement warranty on all EDU emails. If you have any legitimate issue we will replace your email.

  • Is this process going to get me in trouble? Any gray area that I need to know about?

We can give you our word that we have taken measures to make this as legit as possible.

  • This sounds too good to be true…

Yeah, we all know and have that feeling at times as we are used to not getting things our way. But you also know there are exceptions to this rule right. Just try and be optimistic a bit this time.

  • Would I be able to access the services I registered the EDU email address with after the EDU mail has expired?

Sure, you would be able to.

  • I need to make a bulk order.

If you need to make a bulk order of twenty (20) or more, send us a mail at support@mokoshalb.com

14 reviews for Student EDU Mail Account

  1. Avatar

    Volodymyr Pavlenko (verified owner)


  2. Avatar

    Steven Stocker (verified owner)

    Works like a charm! Got my Office 365, One Drive with 1TB space, and also Amazon prime for 6 months. best deal on the internet period!

  3. Avatar

    tuilixiso25 (verified owner)


  4. Avatar

    At Ruskov (verified owner)

    Excellent and fast service, couldn’t ask for more, will be back again in the future, thank you.

  5. Avatar

    Michael Wittstock (verified owner)

    great value
    quick and easy

    only problem… cant verify Uniday account for apple music.
    You only can verify if you are on the College wifi. Kinda a bummer since I bought this for apple music

  6. Avatar

    Michael Wittstock (verified owner)

    Extended to my above review.

    After trying multiple edu emails (which were provided by mokoshalb) we finally got a .edu email to work for unidays (apple music)

    Appreciate the patience and customer service.

  7. Avatar

    Angelina (verified owner)

    Fast reply, worked beautifully, I definitely recommend! Thank you so much!!

  8. Avatar


    hi wot to buy edu email work with github and aws educate

    • Administrator


      Currently, its not available.

  9. Avatar

    Aleksander :) (verified owner)

    the Support team answered me fast 🙂 it went thru, got my email and it works. so im happy, and btw best prices ever!

  10. Avatar

    Andre (verified owner)

    Order is about 12 hours ago and still not recieved any data.

    Already bought an account one year ago.
    It was disabeld after about 6 month…

    Hope the new one will last longer…

  11. Avatar

    blprevodioci (verified owner)

    Doesn’t work!
    Got the email and have an account, no sign of .edu email anywhere!

    It says in the account “Processing” – what does it mean. It said I would get the email in minutes.

    • Administrator


      Hi, we have sold over 10000 edu emails over the past 2 years. Please if you have any problem with the account, send us an email through the contact us page and we will definitely help you resolve the issue.

  12. Avatar

    blprevodioci (verified owner)

    Great service!
    Excellent support! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  13. Avatar

    info (verified owner)

    why account disabled?
    I email you via support@mokoshalb.com but did not see the reply.
    my user edu name email is ​​W​1697233.

  14. Avatar

    Eduardo Alejandre (verified owner)

    They had me waiting a little bit more than provided but it work like a charm, thanks.

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